Current Exhibition



Passion and aesthetics are the focus of the Swiss artist with French roots Michaël Lucerne, born in 1964. As an autodidact, he portraits the presence in the neo-expressionist style. Several study visits between 1992 and 2002 in the USA, Morocco, Egypt, Slovakia, Italy and also France represent a decisive source of inspiration.


Journey of Finding Beauty

October 17, 2017

In the context of the Artist-in-Residence Program of Stal Gallery and the Goethe-Institut/Gulf Region, the artist and architect Janin Walter worked with local artists, designers, and architects investigating the subject of beauty. In several workshops, participants discussed their personal relationship with the concept of beauty as well as which types of architecture they perceived as ‘beautiful.’ The results of the workshop were used to develop artistic works.

Portraits 2017

October 8, 2017

Featuring portraits by Hassan Meer, Saleem Sakhi, Sami Al Siyabi, Alia Al Farsi, Debjani Bhardwaj, Heather Ford, Zahra Soleimani, Rawan Al Mahrouqi, Sarah Al Balushi, Ruqaiya Abdallah, Estabrak Al Ansari.

Mirror Space

February 15 – March 7, 2017

Rudolf Burda’s art objects reveal hidden layering of clear and colored glass and remind the viewer that a ubiquitous, Universal Ocean of cosmic forces that surrounds everything as described by Art Historian, Critic and Curator Miroslava Hajek.

The Stal Gallery Young Emerging Artist Prize 2016

January 30 – February 13, 2017

Stal Gallery presents the Stal Gallery Young Emerging Artist Prize 2016 featuring works by Omani artists Sarah Al Aulaqi, Abdulrahim Al Kendi, Asila Al Habsi, Marwan Al Balushi, Alla Al Saifi, Chndy (Mohamed Al Kindi), Sayyida Daliya Al Said, Salim Al Harbi, Nouf Rashid, Ali Al Sharji, and Haitham Al Busafi.

Out of the Crowd

An exhibition by Hassan Meer, Budoor Al Riyami, Clive Gracey, and Darren de Silva

“Out of the Crowd” explores the often unseen milieu from behind the streets, taking a glimpse at life beyond the typical facade of the city. The exhibition takes the audience to forgotten memories of places and of people in and outside of Oman through the lens of photography.

Summer Collection

Showcasing artwork from our previous exhibitions by artists Omar Rashid, Jamal Abdul Rahim, Mohamed Al Ameri, Moosa Omar, Idris, Al Hooti, Anwar Sonya, Enaam Ahmed, Sinan Hussein, and Hassan Meer.

Stories Untold

A Film Screening
August 26, 2015

Stal Gallery is hosting a film screening from the “Stories Untold” originally screened at Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery in Jordan. The project, by women, features stories by different women in the MENA region.


An Exhibition by Cyprus Ambassador’s wife, Mary Papademas, and Omani artist Enaam Ahmed
May 18, 2015

The exhibition portrays the passions of each of the artist. Mary Papademas passions for horses is reflected on her paintings and sculpture. On the other hand, Enaam Ahmed’s passion for her true love and her recurring theme of texts from bygone civilizations are shown.

Just a Trip

An Exhibition by Iraqi artist Sinan Hussein
April 20, 2015

Expressing his mastery of color, shape, composition, and of his own unique dreamlike point of view, Sinan Hussein has picked up a new thread of surrealistic art with refreshing and renewing techniques, colors and materials, all in a delicate conceptual blend of an expressive pictorial structure.

Place of Silence

A Circle Project featuring works by Ahmed Al Mullahi, Waddah Al Musafir, Raiyya Al Rawahi, Muzna Al Musafer, Estabrak Al Ansari, and Laila Masri
February 22, 2015

The exposition Place of Silence presents six art practitioners who come from different art disciplines. In their projects, the artists offer different commentaries and narratives on urgent social and political issues and on the position of art in relation to society. The exhibition features work by Waddah Al Musafir, Ahmed Al Mullahi, Raiyya Al Rawahi, Estabrak Al Ansari, Laila Masri, and Muzna Al Musafer.


An Exhibition by Omani artists Idris Al Hooti and Moosa Omar
January 25, 2015

Omani artists Moosa Omar and Idris Al Hooti exhibit their most recent work. Omar uses symbols and motifs, colours and textures to produce his own distinct narrative. On the other hand, Al Hooti referred as the “Omani Picasso” teases mosaic-esque compositions that reflect traditional Omani livelihood.


An Exhibition by Jordanian artist Mohamad Al Ameri
December 14, 2014

Al Ameri offers his vision of the self in the worlds of humanity across the manifestations of abstract verb. Alameri’s abstract work depends on the natural reflections from the perspective of cognitive comparisons across poetry and art altogether. Al Ameri combines his artistic vision in between poems and fine art as part of his creative and artistic work.


A Joint Exhibition with Austrian artists Sini Coreth, Kurt Spitaler, Erik Hörtnagl, with Omani artists Hassan Meer and Budoor Al Riyami
November 2014

In honor of the Austrian National Day, Austrian artists Sini Coreth, Kurt Spitaler, and Erik Hörtnagl in collaboration with Omani artists Hassan Meer and Budoor Al Riyami, presented a joint exhibition that included installation art, film, and photography.


An Exhibition of Various Artists curated by Yasemin Yilmaz
April 15, 2014

The project “Globalization-Connections-Time” was initiated by German artist Yasemin Yilmaz in 2008 and commenced quite purposely on the leap day 29 February 2008. On that day twelve artists from six continents worked simultaneously in a period of 24 hours to discover to what extent individual artists are influenced by current events in the subject of their work, independent of their natural environment and how the conscious look into time leaves its mark on each work. Now in its second phase, twelve new artists – two per continent – work anew on their artworks on the same concept. In this second edition the Omani artists Hassan Meer has been chosen to participate which is why Stal Gallery will display and host the exhibition showcasing the results at their flagship gallery and studio in Muscat.


An Exhibition by Finnish artist Soile Yli-Mayry
March 19, 2014

In cooperation with the Finland Eye Care Centre in Muscat, Oman, Stal Gallery brings Finnish artist Soil Yli-Mayry’s colourful and vibrant works in painting and sculpture.


An Exhibition by artists Enaam Ahmed, Nadia Al Balushi, Shaymaa Ashknany, Naima Al Maimani, and Radhika Hamlai
February 25, 2014

“The growing Contribution of Arab Women to the art scene over the past few years reflects their rising prominence regionally and internationally and the important contribution they make to Cultural Discourse” commented Artistic Director and curator Hassan Meer. He added “We are looking forward to working with these artists and showcasing their work in this dynamic space.


An Exhibition by Bahraini artist Jamal Abdul Rahim
January 27, 2014

“I live and breathe on print, sculpture and canvas. Inspired by a sense of place, my voyage with art is one of both discovery and provocation. I use oriental colors and figures that I have absorbed in my childhood and others I have acquired as an adult. On my canvas, I like to work on different subjects but when it comes to portrait, I use familiar faces to everyone. I want people to look at the paintings and ask themselves why am I using an image that is so familiar, but at the same time I need viewers to see the techniques behind the painting and to enjoy every single detail in it. I believe that a work of art that doesn’t provoke the viewer into some kind of reaction is not artistic.”