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Vahan Roumelian


1963        Born in Yerevan, Armenia

1980-1986   Panos Terlemezian Fine Arts College, Yerevan, Armenia

1987       Graduated from Fine Arts Institute, Yerevan, Armenia    

1987       Joins Alternative Art Movement the Third Floor

1988       Spends 3 months in Paris studying Abstract Art 

1991       Visits the UK and France for studying Contemporary art

1997-2006   Settles in Moscow



1989       Salon des Indépendants, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1989       International Exhibition, Moscow, Russia

1989       ‘Happenings’,Lithuania, Banevijis, Baltic States

1991       Galerie les Cents, Paris, France

1994       Artists' Union, Abstractionism    Armenia, Yerevan

1995       ‘Bochum Museum’, Bochum, Germany

1996       Group exhibition, Moscow, Russia

1998       First International  Biennial, Gyumri, Armenia

1998       Caribe Galerie de Arte  Sao Paulo, Brazil

1999       Artuel,Salon International d’Art Contemporain  Beirut, Lebanon

2001       EURO’ART,V Salon International d’Artistes Contemporains          Barcelona

2004       Gallery ‘A way to New-Abstractionism’  Moscow, Russia

2004       WCAF Show, Hilton Convention Center Las Vegas, USA

2005       Galleria d’Arte Rinascimento, Florence, Italy

2006       International ArtExpo, New York, USA

2007       International ArtExpo, New York, USA

2007       Exhibition Anticlassical, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007       Exhibition Orangerie du jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France

2008       Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

2009       International ArtExpo, China

2010       Artists' Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

2010       Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia

2010       "New Masterpieces of Arame Gallery"  Yerevan, Armenia

2012       Grand Opening of a New Art Center of Arame Art Gallery     Yerevan, Armenia

2012       "Symphony of Colors", Beirut, Lebanon

2013       10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

2013       Selected Art Works, Beirut, Lebanon

2013       "Sensual Revelations", Beirut, Lebanon

2014       Selected Art Works, Vienna, Austria

2014       "Beauty in the Palm'', Beirut, Lebanon

2015    «Inner Lighthouse», Beirut, Lebanon

2016   Representing the book  ”Art Beyond Time”, Yerevan, Armenia

2016    “Enchanted Reality”, Beirut, Lebanon

2017   Arame Art Gallery presents “The Harmony of Chaos” by Vahan Roumelian   Beirut, Lebanon

2017    ‘’Beirut Art Fair’’, Beirut, Lebanon

2018    A unique art show dedicated to 15th anniversary of the foundation of Aramé Art Gallery ''Reality of Bliss'', Beiruit , Lebanon

2018    "Beirut Art Fair", Beirut, Lebanon

2019    “Contemporary Armenian Fine Art”, Kuwait

2020    “Spring Salon 2020”. Artist’s Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia


SKU: Available
  • Media: Oil on canvas

    Size: 120x100 cm

    Year: 2017

    Country: Armenia

    Artwork is unique. Signed (verso), Dated. 

    Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by Artist.


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    ** Amount is indicated as: before decimal point - hundreds; before comma - thousands.

TEL: +968 24600396


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