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Albert Hakobian


1958 Born in Echmiadzin, Armenia

1981 Graduated from Panos Terlemezian Arts College, Yerevan, Armenia

2002 Recipient of the “Vahagn ” Award for Art and Culture,  Armenia


 Group Exhibitions


1989       Permanent Mission of the Republic of Armenia Moscow, Russia

1994       Art Expo               Zurich, Switzerland

1995       Emma Goss, Noah’s Ark Gallery Beirut, Lebanon

1997       CHP        Moscow, Russia

1998       Borges  center,  Noah’s Ark Gallery          Buenos Aires, Argentina

1998       Sarah Garcia Urabira      Art Gallery           Buenos Aires, Argentina

1998       Caribe Gallery   Sao Paulo, Brazil

1998       First International Biennale         Gyumri, Armenia

1998       Gevorgian Institute         Echmiadzin, Armenia

1999       Modern Art Museum     Yerevan, Armenia

2001       Hamazkayin Arshile Gorky Art Gallery     New York, USA

2001       Modern Art Museum of Tehran                Iran

2002       Vinitskaya Gallery            Munich, Germany

2004       Exhibition at Gevorgian Gallery Yerevan, Armenia

2004       The First International  Art Expo “Art Caucasus” Tbilisi, Georgia

2005       The Second International Art Expo “Art Caucasus”            Tbilisi, Georgia

2006       National Culture Center of Kuwait, Abdala Al-Salem Hall                Kuwait

2006       “Meeting” the group exhibition of German, Georgian and Armenian artists at National Gallery   Yerevan, Armenia

2007       C. Gulbenkian center “Colors of Armenia”            Aleppo, Syria

2007       A.G.B.U. “Colors of Armenia”                     Damascus, Syria

2007       “Ararat-Fujjy” at National Gallery             Yerevan, Armenia

2007       Armenian General Benevolent Union     Pasadena LA, USA

2010       New Masterpieces of Arame Gallery      Yerevan, Armenia

2011       UNESCO Palace                 Beirut, Lebanon

2012       Grand Opening of a New Art Center of Arame Art Gallery            Yerevan, Armenia

2012       "Symphony of Colors"   Beirut, Lebanon

2013       10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery   Yerevan, Armenia

2013       Selected Art Works         Beirut, Lebanon

2013       "Sensual Revelations"    Beirut, Lebanon

2014       Selected Art Works 2014               Vienna, Austria

2014       "Beauty in the Palm''      Beirut, Lebanon

2016    Representing the book ”Art Beyond Time”     Yerevan, Armenia

2016    “Enchanted Reality”                           Beirut, Lebanon

2017   ‘’Beirut Art Fair’’                                  Beirut, Lebanon

2018  A unique art show dedicated to 15th anniversary of the foundation of Aramé Art Gallery ''Reality of Bliss'' Beiruit , Lebanon

2019   “Contemporary Armenian Fine Art”        Kuwait

2020 – “Spring Salon 2020”. Artist’s Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia



Personal exhibitions


2000       Modern Art Museum of Armenia             Yerevan, Armenia

2004       Gevorgian Gallery            Yerevan, Armenia

2004       Modern Art Museum of Armenia             Yerevan, Armenia

2013       National Center of Aesthetics    Yerevan, Armenia


His works are kept at National Gallery of Armenia, Modern Art Museum of Armenia, in the funds of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin’s  Khrimyan Museum, Arame Art Gallery, (Yerevan, Armenia).


SKU: Available
  • Media: Oil on canvas

    Size: 100x45 cm

    Year: 2014

    Country: Armenia

    Artwork is unique. Signed (verso), Dated. 

    Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by Artist.


    *All prices are indicated in Omani Rials.

    ** Amount is indicated as: before decimal point - hundreds; before comma - thousands.

TEL: +968 24600396


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