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Art Research Activism


If you are researcher, or cultural professional looking for the research trip in the arts and culture, apply to Research residency at Stal Gallery.

This research program will enable participants to:

  • Discover new primary source material;

  • Experience works of local museums and private collections;

  • Make contact with artists, curators, and local community;

  • Investigate library;

  • Introduce your portfolio through the Public Talk;

  • Establish professional networks for future research.

  • Get media highlight in local media platforms


The program will culminate in Inaugural Project Presentation.

Proposals are accepted from international doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, and senior scholars; curators, writers, field researchers.

The Committee appointed by the Organizers will review the entries and select and evaluate proposals that will be featured.

Costs and Support:

There is no external funding for this project. Applicants should be seeking support for travel, nutrition, accommodation, visa and research costs - within their national Arts funding institutions, Sponsors, Grants, by Personal fundraising, or through Academic institutions.

Gallery will make faith affords to Market the project and promote participants.

We offer Artist Studio on rental basis, that includes heating, water, electricity and running costs. Selected applicants will be contacted with the details of studio.

Application process

To apply, send your application documents to: with subject "Research Residency_2020 _Title of your research.

Applicants should contain:

1) Portfolio of individual  and organization, 2) CV (for individuals),

3) Project proposal including Theme of research and Implementation plan.

4) Preferable dates of Residency

Successful applicants will be contacted with detailed Terms and conditions of Contract.

Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail.

Please note that feedback on unsuccessful applications cannot be provided.

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