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Art Pproject competition


Deadline for submissions:
30 September 2020

Stal Gallery is open for Art projects proposals. We are looking to work with such individuals or groups – from around the Globe, and disciplinary backgrounds: digital art, visual art, performance art – who are critically exploring conservation, science and sustainability of the environment in the contemporary context through international dialog, and those engaged with emerging research of a local Omani culture.

Your application can be an artistic or a scientific inquiry, or both.



  • This competition is open to the individuals or groups from around the Globe.

  • Disciplinary backgrounds: digital art, visual art, performance art.

  • The Jury appointed by the Organizers will review the entries and select and evaluate proposals that will be featured.

  • There is no external funding for this project. Applicants should be seeking support for travel, nutrition, visa and production costs - within their national Arts funding institutions, Sponsors, Grants, by Personal fundraising, or through Academic institutions.

  • GALLERY will make faith affords to Market the project and promote participants.

The program will culminate in Inaugural Project Presentation (Exhibition).

Application process

To apply, send your application documents to: with subject "Art Project Proposal_2020 _Title of project.

Applicants should contain:

1) Portfolio of individual or organization, 2) CV (for individuals),

3) Project proposal including budget breakdown.

Successful applicants will be contacted with detailed Terms and conditions.

Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail.

Please note that feedback on unsuccessful applications cannot be provided.

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