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The Gallery is committed to engaging with the community, enhancing audience's cultural and artistic experiences in different spaces (both interior and exterior) and through a variety of media. Integral to all aspects of the Gallery program is an extensive offering of educational opportunities for all ages through policies and programs which are excellent, innovative and inclusive.


Studio Stal offers a dedicated residential space in the heart of Muscat for national and international artists. Stal Gallery has given the opportunity to young Omani artists in the Sultanate to exhibit their art at a prestigious gallery through the Young Emerging Artist Prize 2015 competition.


We support cross-cultural exhibition projects, with exchange opportunities for students, professionals, and researchers from educational institutions from around the Globe.

We accept public submissions from artists on the basis of selection. Artist is given an opportunity to be part of our mentorship and educational programs. Candidates must necessarily be supported by one or more cultural partners, such as Embassy, cultural foundation, or educational institution.

Submissions are reviewed by Stal Gallery panel of consultants that subsequently make recommendations for the upcoming projects, exhibitions. To apply, please send your Proposal which includes: Workshop proposal, Art talk Program, Art Portfolio vs CV to:


Stal Gallery Young and Emerging Artists Prize is an annual program, which supports young and emerging Omani artists aged between 18 and 30, to develop their creative careers. This is a research program with educational aspect, that provides access for professional skills development, online profiling, usage of multimedia technology and displaying a wider presentation of the visual arts. 


Stal Gallery provides collectors, consultants, architects and interior designers with a big choice of unique original artworks. Customized Art. Unique customized art from Top Omani artists, in variety media and styles. Permanent Art Collection. Local and international art collections, from contemporary artists to famous classic works


Our expert staff will guide you with a free Art advisory to ensure the artworks that we select with you - suit your space and your style. Exceptional and original art of the established Omani & international artists can easily be part of your private collection at the home, office or business.


Stal Studio is a destination for both an experienced artist and those who just starting out on the artistic path. If you are a beginner, the artist -instructor will start you off on the essentials of sketching by creating your own still-life of objects to draw. For intermediate and advanced emerging artists, we work with what you are interested in, so that you can develop your own creative style. Our workshops are suited to all levels, skill, ages.


Studio Stal offers a dedicated residential space in the heart of Muscat for national and international artists. The studio consists of a fully equipped kitchen, separate bedroom and bathroom along with a large studio and exhibition space.

The Creative Residencies program is an opportunity to live and work in the heart of Muscat, in local environment. That’s a great venue for artists and curators. To apply, please follow our "Terms & conditions" and send your CV vs Art Portfolio to:


Research trips and cultural exchange

Stal aims to build an international reputation through these foreign artists and bring more credibility to its programmes aiming to generate collaborative efforts between Omani artists and international artists. The ultimate goal is to bring the Omani artists and Omani art to the international limelight, and to bring International art and artists to Oman.

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