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1st - 30th September 2019

Solo Exhibition of Abdulkareem Al Maimani

Abdulkareem Al Maimani


Abdulkareem Al Maimani is an Omani Artist with BA in Art from the Sultan Qaboos University (1997); head of the Office of artists affairs of the Omani Society for Fine Arts; member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts and youth workshops.

He has had solo and group shows, and participated in many local, regional and international exhibitions in Holland, Germany, China, South Africa, Libya, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, France, Jordan and has received many awards, highlighted by local and international mass-media.

He gives an educational lectures on the art in colleges and schools within the Sultanate, and serves as juror at major international competitions in art and craft.


Seeds are the sense of metaphysics, formed calmly in unknown world in the ground to be produced later in different structures, giving us vivid models with mixed feelings. We happily live with these incredible varieties of emotions if carried within them benign thinking and generous gift that provide humankind with goodness, love and hope; otherwise, we condemn them if characterized by satanic thoughts or corruption.

This artistic experience is portraying the world of these formed seeds as people I have encountered in my entire life or in my dreams. I chose to paint some of their laughter, dialogue, intrigues, conflict, violence, kindness, glory and refraction as to present it to the recipient, to see them in accordance with their values, principles, beliefs and duality of good and evil within them.

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