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15 November - 15 December 2020

Modern heritage: retrospective, the project of commemoration, initiated by Stal Gallery, in which artists use the lens of history, reflecting on memories from past - old artistic traditions - as a means of assessing today’s highly digitized society. Artists have developed their own vision of this modern movement, creating contextual art variations.

© Stal Gallery

This cross-medium selection of artworks represents a wide range of approaches to the cultural flux that have shaped the current Art Scene in Oman.

The Stal Gallery project on Modern Heritage aims to develop conceptual thinking on the significance of the heritage, within the framework of the established Omani and international artists, who facilitate studies on Modern Heritage, and collects works from Adnan Al Raisi, Anwar Sonya, Naser Palangi, Juma Al Harthy, Farideh Zariv, Moosa Omar, Idris Al Hooti.

The Project will run within November – December 2020.

Quotes of Artists:

“My paintings embody the Omani woman, wearing Lawatia outfit, one of the most famous Omani costumes in Wilayat of Muttrah. This costume is usually characterized by bright colors inlaid with golden strings” - Enaam Ahmed

“My paintings reflect the childhood memories about visited Omani City sites - including the Muscat, Nizwa, Seeb, Matrahiyyat - and carefully recorded their appearance today. The collages of landscape, calligraphy, traditional Omani cloth in the center - reveal my observations”, - Idris Al Hooti

“I’m inspired by the mystical Dhofar region, my homeland” - Anwar Sonya

“My works reflect elements and stories from daily life and mirror my traditional Omani roots. I use symbols and motifs, colours and textures to produce my own distinct narrative.” - Moosa Omar

My artworks are talking about hope. After any sadness day's in our life... They’re a hope for all things to be happier and beautiful. - Adnan Al Raisi

“My works show the mysteries hidden in the constituent elements of the universe, these

elements has life and wisdom and they are constantly on the move. My life, my artworks trying

to unveil this awareness and mystery. In other words, my work expresses the philosophy, the

unity of existence, whether it is about “visual structure or in the visual sense and concept.” - Naser Palangi

Juma Al Harthy works express metaphors and reflection. Through symbols, icons, Arabic fonts, and decorative elements, Juma paints the past in the present tense using a subtractive method to establish rhythm and decorative space, inviting viewers to travel in time and space with renewed exchanges through multiple dimensions.

“I try to discover human interaction with the forces of nature and I am inspired by the idea of ​​clean and free energy. My credibility as the main driver of this series of work is researching what I thought was the key to discovering the secrets of energy, frequency and vibration. I know what the symbols of my work are. They come from my senses and that's just important to me. A feeling that comes from an inner need.”- Farideh Zariv


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