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About Artist


Sarah Al Aulaqi

Emerging Omani artist


Sarah views art as a form of escapism describing it as the only way to run away without leaving home. Drawing inspiration from her mother who is a designer, Sara has always been surrounded by color and was continually encouraged to
create. Her art is implemented wholeheartedly with a vivid expression of ideas and multidimensional materials of varying textures, resulting in a sensitive, yet imaginative way of sending a message. Sarah believes that the superpower of art is that sometimes you don’t intend to make it. It makes itself.


  • Artist: Sarah Al Aulaqi, Omani artist

    Title: Eye c u /Omani seas series

    Category: photography collage

    Media: print on art paper

    Size: 60 cm x 60 cm

    Year: 2019

    Country: Oman, Muscat

    Copyright: ©Sarah Al Aulaq




    Price depends on size and media:

    • Size will be customized.
    • Media optional: print on paper/fabric/wood/acrylic and more


    * Current price is indicated for the print sized 60x60 cm

    ** All prices are indicated in Omani Rials.

    *** Amount is indicated as: before decimal point - hundreds; before comma - thousands.

    **** Value-added tax (VAT) 5% will be added to the invoice after the confirmation of order.

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