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About Artist

Abdellah El Haitout, is an established Moroccan artist. In his younger years, Abdallah studied art, philosophy and psychology, which has, no doubt, influenced his creative mind. At first glance his work appears chaotic and incomprehensible, but after spending some time scanning his paintings, we can see past experiences, representation of material objects, and playful movement. Abdallah writes, "I like the intimate act. The superposition of different material and paint highlight the theme of concealment and transparency with mixed media like acrylic, ink and pens. I add these necessities of drawing and graphics. I try to be as simple as I can. I am currently looking for challenges imposed by sensitive work. The main objective of this intervention is to solve the aesthetic exercise, in general, and to see how the collage of objects and elements that belongs to everyday reality can serve my work, as well as to diversify and enrich my pictorial and visual language. And before all that, I try to be as simple and spontaneous. I like this language about neglected surfaces: doors and walls, and I want to reproduce it on my canvas. As an adventure or rather an intimate act, superimpose different materials and use paint highlighting the theme of concealment and transparency, with mixed techniques: acrylic, ink, pens, charcoal, pigments, oil painting. .. are all acts that give my work the desired sensitivity".

In 2017 Abdallah was awarded the Souad Al-Sabah Biennale Award in Kuwait.


Concept of the Art Collection “Reflection”

This Art Collection is part of a reflection that is based on individual or collective memory, and especially the memory of places and public spaces marginalize


  • Media: Oil and mixed media on canvas 

    Size: 100x100 cm

    Year: 2019

    Country: Rabat, Morocco

    Price: 1400 OMR each 

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