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About Artist


Budoor Al Riyami is an Omani artist. She graduated from Sultan Qaboos University Muscat, Oman. She won the Grand Prize at the 13th Asian Art Biennale in 2008 with her innovative work; a video installation entitled "The Peak of Burning" which is one of the very few artworks employing modern technologies on display at the event. Riyami participated also in The Circle Show in 2005 and 2007 which is taking the lead in encouraging new forms of art in Oman and in the Gulf. She also works in other mediums such as painting and sculpture but currently prefers photography and video installation to other mediums.


Talking about working with high tech mediums Riyami says, "In the Stone Age man used to draw on stone. Then why shouldn't we use modern technologies when science has developed?" On her approach to art, Riyami said that she tries to stir the viewers' sensibilities with her works. In her words, "The viewers should be allowed some space so that they can interpret art in their own ways. As an artist I can give them some clues on any particular issue. But, they should decide how to react."


Having worked with NGO's, communities, the arts and the media, she enjoys encouraging thought and amplifying voices. Her work has been presented to the UN as well as having performed and exhibited her art work and films in numerous countries.


Recently, she left her media career in London to move to Muscat to work on her art. With freedom of speech & expression being central to most of her works, she chose to come to the Middle East because of the limitations here within these realms. An education she believes she has to experience in order to better inform her own understanding.


  • Media: Photography on artpaper

    Size: 150x180 cm

    Year: 2014

    Country: Oman, Muscat

    "Salt" Art collection is a quadriptych art installation.


    *All prices are indicated in Omani Rials.

    ** Amount is indicated as: before decimal point - hundreds; before comma - thousands.

    Framed, with glass cover.

    Price: 350 OMR for Each 

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