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About Artist

Idris Al Hooti has come from a strongly artistic family and while most of them have taken to music, Idris took to drawing and painting. Since he was seventeen he has been a part of the Youth Art Studio and from there he has continued to broaden his experiences and artistic practice. His work has won several local awards and has taken him to many countries around the world. He is currently working at the Sultan Qaboos University as a graphic designer, illustrator and calligrapher.

Idris has worked with admirable proficiency in a very wide range of media; acrylic, oil, watercolour, charcoal, pastels, oncanvas, on paper, on cardboard, and even video art and digital art. 

Participated in more than 70 Exhibitions, some of the latest of them are: The Flying Exhibition in Muscat, and berlin 2014, Azemmoure International Festival in Morocco 2014, Small Art Works Exhibition in Muscat 2014, Omani Art Exhibition in Spain 2013, Omani Art Exhibition in Jordan 2013, GCC Visual Art Forum in Muscat 2013, Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh 2012. His works have been displayed in many countries such as UK, Germany, Spain, Jordan, Bangladesh, Switzerland, South Korea, Jordan, India, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium, Netherlands, Pakistan and GC Countries.


Statement about artwork 

To address these questions, an Omani Artist created a painting from his childhood memories about visited Omani City sites—including the Muscat, Nizwa, Seeb, Matrahiyyat—and carefully recorded their appearance today. The –collages of landscape, calligraphy, traditional Omani cloth in the center of the  artwork reveal his observations. 


  • Media: Acrylic on canvas 

    Size: 65x75 cm

    Year: 2016

    Country: Oman, Muscat


    *All prices are indicated in Omani Rials.

    ** Amount is indicated as: before decimal point - hundreds; before comma - thousands.

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