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20 April - 12 May 2015

JUST A TRIP An Art Exhibition by Iraqi Artist Sinan Hussein

Stal Gallery brings to Muscat, Oman artwork by Iraqi artist Sinan Hussein. Expressing his mastery of color, shape, composition, and of his own unique dreamlike point of view, Hussein has picked up a new thread of surrealistic art with refreshing and renewing techniques, colors and materials, all in a delicate conceptual blend of an expressive pictorial structure, expressing his masterful craft in his own words:

“On the ‘wide’ surface of the white canvas as it is on earth, there is always a right moment for emotional growth and maturity, evolution and transformation. There is no more fear for the Artist traveling from one border to another, journeying in the soft and smooth patches of colors like a tender flower in the morning mist growing in the rough back ground resembling an ancient tablet recently unearthed. There is no more anguish for him in looking through the books of time, across the Secret landscapes with no beginning and no end. “

“Circles encapsulate his unearthly figures positioned in a spatial context appearing in motion and symbolizing fortification; they are surrounded by sublime sensitive and sensual indiscernible creatures cloned in the form of birds, flowers and ciphers. They spread out in the wide space of the canvas, and on the faces of figurines defining their individuality coming from the roots of unreached past. These are not details, they are the unconsciousness, the primordial heart beats around which evolves the story of all his paintings-sense of Talisman beyond understanding.”

“The works are handled differently, some canvases mark the harmony and equilibrium in the marriage of female and male figurines accompanied by “all members of the Tribe” ornamented with dissimilar elements; whereas others show one figure positioned vertically in the center of the painting territory with empty - but contemplating plane. This clan has giants and miniatures sharing one eternal choice-being aroused and uplifted. The male figures step with their left foot on their right ones-a symbol of the triumph of mind over emotions. Or like the female figures stepping the opposite way- a symbol of victory of senses and emotions upon rationalism and mind. This duality of thinking is the prime concept around which his works progress around. “


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