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Stal Gallery Presents “Love” Exhibition by Jordanian artist Mohamed Alameri

Artist offers his vision of the self in the worlds of humanity across the manifestations of abstract verb. Alameri’s abstract work depends on the natural reflections from the perspective of cognitive comparisons across poetry and art altogether.

Alameri combines his artistic vision in between poems and Fine Arts as part of his artistic works, which is reflected in his own words:

“What I am doing is an act of aesthetics where I live and interact with him as the life of daily life make me more strength to confront the violence of the world, the world is filled with blood, which run to the plate in order to say something else to man the oppressed, tell aesthetic act through drawing and coloring.” (Mohamed Alameri)

To give the space a new life of hope, observing the tree hugging wind and cosmic music will draw them enjoy the shadow of straw on the ground and interact with the color of the rock.


Mohamad Al Ameri is a Jordanian artist and poet, headed the Jordanian Plastic Arts Association, member of the Jordanian Art Critics Association, the Jordanian Writers Association and the Arab Writers Union. Currently Director of the Arts Department and Chief Editor of the Ministry of Culture’s “Al Funun” Magazine.

Since 1983, Ameri held 15 solo exhibitions in Jordan (at Lines, 4 Walls, Orfali Gallery, Orient Gallery, Hammurabi Gallery, and the Royal Cultural Center) and abroad (namely, the House of Literature in Munich, Germany, and Space Gallery in Dubai, U.A.E.).

Participated in the International Biennale held in Sharjah, Cairo, Teheran, Bangla Desh, the Cairo Triennale for Graphic Arts, the Alexandria Biennale for Graphic Arts, as well as numerous group exhibitions in China, the United States, Greece, Sweden, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Bangla Desh, Germany, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.


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