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An Exhibition of new work by 5 Contemporary Artists

Stal Gallery is proud to present its latest exhibition entitled “Mirrors” featuring work by five contemporary Artists. Artists Enaam Ahmed, Nadia Albalushi, Shaymaa Ashknany, Naima Al Maimani and Radhika Hamlai will feature in the exhibition, which will open on Tuesday February 25that 7.30pm.

The Exhibition features work in a variety of media and disciplines. Speaking about her work Enaam Ahmed who is one of Oman’s prominent and award winning female artists said “I am inspired by ancient texts from bygone civilizations within the region. My artwork pays tribute to these iconic early scripts and the civilizations that transformed global history thousands of years ago”.

Artist Nadia Al Balushi selects her subject matter simply by including different elements. Sometimes you find her painting the natural world from very sharp angles where she is showing the mountains, old houses and the desert. In her technique she uses very rich light and dark colours with brush strokes in different directions.

The Natural world of Oman along with bright colour and dramatic light also heavily influences the creations of Radhika Hamlai. Her works are an unending inquiry in deep philosophical dilemmas and complexities of human relationship.

In her discussions about the upcoming exhibition Naima Al Maimani whose work focuses on expressionism, symbolism and abstracts said “I am proud to display my work in a new contemporary space in Oman, it is essential for the future developments of the arts and for emerging artists to have this space.”

The exhibition also features the work of Shaymaa Ashknany. Her work stands out with humanitarian and transparent subtleties that touch the heart and take it to a whole universe of imagery and thoughts. The artwork reflects deep emotions and a mix of experiences stored deep in the conscious and unconscious mind of a person. She uncovers hidden, deep and sincere feelings that can meet and interact with the feelings and experiences of the visitors.

“The growing Contribution of Arab Women to the art scene over the past few years reflects their rising prominence regionally and internationally and the important contribution they make to Cultural Discourse” commented Artistic Director and curator Hassan Meer. He added “We are looking forward to working with these artists and showcasing their work in this dynamic space.

The Exhibition will continue at Stal Gallery until Thursday March 13th.


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