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23.2.2015 - 22.3.2015

Collaborative Art Event on Persona and Physical Absentia

Back in the 1920s, the foremost museological problem was the fact that the vast majority of museum visitors were non-specialized audience whose visits were to primarily wonder.

Today, the position of art museums and galleries have changed because contemporary art, more than ever before, has become one of the essential components of modern-day society. The conceptualization of artistic practices in the ‘90s and beyond has managed to trigger a shift in the way art is produced, promoted, and perceived by audiences.

Through artwork that provide information, knowledge, and new experiences, artists can deepen our understanding, appeal to people’s senses, and profoundly challenge contemporary societies to think in new ways. Therefore, contemporary art as a collaborative project, being increasingly seen as a means of communication, is used in the representation of burning issues, in the investigation of problems, and in instigating participatory-discursive practice and action.

In contemporary times, we find strong desires among many art practitioners who like to see the work of art as a collaborative, transformative social project rather than simply a symbolic or aesthetic gesture.

The exposition, Place of Silence, presents six art practitioners who come from different art disciplines. In their projects, the artists offer different commentaries and narratives on urgent social and political issues and on the position of art in relation to society.

Guided by multiple sources of every day activities and social behavior, the outcome of the artists’ work offers not only a fresh transformative artwork but also a different experimentation and an intellectual aesthetic knowledge in an ever-changing visual culture.

Curators: Khaled Ramadan and Hassan Meer

Place of Silence A Circle Project - Stal Gallery, Muscat

Opening: 22.2.2015. At 19.00 From: 23.2.2015 - 22.3.2015

Artists: Ahmed Almullahi, Wadah Al Musafir, Estabrak Al Ansari, Laila Masri, Muzna Al Musafer and Raya Al Rawahi


The Circle grew out of natural alliances among local Omani artists whose community has always been open to new influences.

Started in 2000 by artist Hassan Meer, who organized the first exhibition of the "Circle" series in Muscat, the Circle Project activates an exchange between the local and international art scenes. The Circle concept focuses on contemporary themes exposing socio-political issues and debate the relation between ethics and aesthetics in contemporary society.


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