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Stal Gallery Presents “Portrait” An Exhibition of new work by Bahraini Artist Jamal Abdul Rahim from Monday January 27thto Thursday February 6th.

Stal gallery is delighted to present their latest exhibition from Jamal Abdul Rahim who is one of Bahrain’s most established and highly regarded contemporary artists. Jamal has exhibiting his work extensively in Europe and the Middle East and has been the recipient of thirteen domestic and international art prizes. The award-winning artist builds his art from the movement of society deeply rooted in rich Arab civilization, its mythology, religion and language. He believes that artists can pick their inspiration from everywhere and from the people around them. In this unique exhibition entitled “Portrait” Rahim focuses on the use of bold colour and form through a variety of media. Although he is known as a printmaker and painter, he has become an avid sculpting fan who believes that: "stone is already beautiful and by sculpting it, I am inspired, withdrawing that beauty into a form". According to him, working on stone fills the soul with a special kind of pleasure that cannot be explained, as art is a spiritual exercise, which cannot be ignored.

Speaking Emphatically about his work Jamal says I live and breathe on print, sculpture and canvas. Inspired by a sense of place, my voyage with art is one of both discovery and provocation. I use oriental colors and figures that I have absorbed in my childhood and others I have acquired as an adult. On my canvas, I like to work on different subjects but when it comes to portrait, I use familiar faces to everyone. I want people to look at the paintings and ask themselves why am I using an image that is so familiar, but at the same time I need viewers to see the techniques behind the painting and to enjoy every single detail in it. I believe that a work of art that doesn’t provoke the viewer into some kind of reaction is not artistic.”

A chic and a modern art gallery, with a panoramic view of the city, Stal Galleryis committed to promoting a contemporary visual arts programme with a balanced focus on promoting new work and supporting the development of artists while simultaneously affirming and challenging the public’s appreciation and understanding of contemporary and innovative approaches to the visual arts. The goal is to provide a venue and facilities in Muscat for audiences and artists, primarily but not solely for the visual arts, which offers the highest standards of design, programme and operation and form an artistic hub for creation, exhibition and engagement with a national and international profile.

“Portrait” is exhibited at Stal Gallery from January 27thto February 6th.


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