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Stall Gallery presents an unique collection of artworks by local and international renowned artists holding the memory of summer in its euphoric colors: Anwar Sonya Mohamed Al Ameri, Moosa Omar, Hassan Al Meer, Michaël  Lucerne, Hussain Obaid, Ali Al Tajer, Tariq AlHajri, Radhika Hamlai.

Dancing. Painting by Anwar Sonya

Stall Gallery is pleased to present the unique collection of artworks where artists combine the different art forms in an excellent mixture of contemporary art and traditional Omani lifestyle.

This collection holds the memory of summer in its golds, whites and greens: a euphoric balancing act in which foreground and background are held in equal tension. The value of this show lies in the opportunity to see such wildly beautiful art quite possibly for the first time – the flicks, drips and pouring, the veils, stripes and the glowing oblongs, the sheer perpetuum mobile of brushmarks…

The exhibition pays tribute to the creative selection of the gallery featuring works by Anwar Sonya, Mohamed Al Ameri, Moosa Omar, Hassan Al Meer, Michaël  Lucerne, Hussain Obaid, Ali Al Tajer, Tariq AlHajri, Radhika Hamlai

As well, the Summer Art Show is accompanied by a range of Community arts engagement Activities, such as master-classes with an established Omani artist Anwar Sonya, life painting sessions, daily workshops for different levels and ages. Stal Gallery and Studio is a purpose designed visual arts studio and exhibition space in the heart of Muscat. The mission of the Stal Art Gallery and Studio is to promote the creation, appreciation and engagement of the visual arts in all media in Muscat and the surrounding region.


The Summer Art Show will run through July 2019. For more information, including a timetable of all the activities taking place across Stal Gallery and Studio this summer, please contact:

Tel: +968 2460 0396 Email: info@stalgallery.com

Villa 221 Al Inshirah Street, Madinat Qaboos. Muscat, Oman

Gallery hours: Sat – Thu 10 – 7:00, and by appointment.

TEL: +968 24600396


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