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By Artists Debjani Bhardwaj and Rawan AlMahrouqi

Folklore and Fragmented Memories Inspire new Stal Gallery Exhibition “Telling Tales”. Artists Debjani Bhardwaj and Rawan AlMahrouqi create subverted yet magical worlds using the mediums of papercut outs toys, illustration, ceramic sculpture and shadows. Stal Gallery presents ‘Telling Tales’, a duo exhibition of intricate drawings, paper-cuts and installations by Indian artist Debjani Bhardwaj and Omani Rawan AlMahrouqi which opens on April 1 st 2019 and runs for 2 weeks.

About the concept

Bhardwaj chose to explore the parallels between the contemporary human condition and the traditional folk tales of Oman while AlMahrouqi highlights a contemporary social commentary

behind these tales.

Bhardwaj relishes the transformative process that comes from the seemingly laborious act of cutting paper, believing that the minimalism and fragility of her practice enables her to ‘think with her hands’, presenting infinite possibilities.

In ‘Telling Tales’ ¨Bhardwaj creates an alternate universe inhabited by characters from traditional