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19th November 2014

Stal Gallery Presents “Austria Oman Under the Same Sky” - an Exhibition by Omani and Austrian Artists

Stal Gallery is proud to open the Fall Season with its latest exhibition, “Austria Oman Under the Same Sky,” in honor of the Austrian National Day and the inauguration of the Austrian Economic Trade and Commercial Delegation in Muscat, Oman. The text is titled after the same name by Omani poet Samaa Isaa. Austrian artist Sini Coreth has put together the exhibition together with artists Kurt Spitaler and Erik Hörtnagl in an effort to rekindle and move the relationship between Oman and Austria onto possibilities that hopes to enrich their cultural, political, and social influences.

Sini Coreth constructs videos with effects where she emphasizes the dichotomy of the metaphors. In her projects, she searches for a dialogue with “the Opposite, the Foreign and the Different” in life. She features “Three Seasons” at this exhibition which transports audiences to the woods in different seasons and gives a sense of being in different locations at the same moment in time.

Kurt Spitaler makes use of plastic containers which are used for water transport with three to seven containers and stitching them together into one object. Stitching together is a symbolic image that the whole humanity is tied together through water as 95% of humans is water and are all dependent on this life-saving element. The stitching together with the red string is the symbol for blood as a unifying bond.

Apart from participating at the exhibition, Erik Hörtnagl has been conducting workshops with several artist groups and students. “Pictures for the Ears” tackles self-expression and the information exchange with others that transcend beyond cultural, political, linguistic, religious, and geographic boundaries. The exchange through pictures within and beyond these bounds can represent a first step in mutual understanding. It provides an opportunity to learn about and from each other. A fair and conscious approach towards photography enables the fair trade of photos while generating an intercultural dialogue inspired by the images.

The exhibition will continue at Stal Gallery until November 19th.


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